F A Q s
  Frequently Asked Questions

•Why do I need a survey?
There are many reasons a Plat of Survey is required. Typically a plat is needed for a construction permit, a real estate transaction or to help resolve a boundary dispute.

•What information do I need to order a survey?
To place an order for a survey, we require the property address, legal description and the purpose of the survey. In addition, we would like the title policy and Permanent Index Number (PIN).

•Where do I find my Legal Description?
A legal description can be found on the title policy, deed or a prior survey.

•Where do I find my PIN number?
A PIN number can be found on your title policy, deed, or tax bill.

•What if I can not find the required information?
In the event you can not locate any of the requested information, our staff can assist you in ordering documents through the County Recorder’s office.